Chiossi E Cavazzuti Speedy T 2005

Chiossi E Cavazzuti Speedy T 2005 Chiossi E Cavazzuti Speedy T 2005 how to use


Indispensable for fast, uniform folding of T-shirts.

Can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes available on the market.

The blades which can be easily adjusted are also interchangeable, making it possible to suit the fold to the required size in a few seconds, so that it is possible to fold baby t-shirts as well as extra-large sizes.


Speedy T 2005 can operate in two ways:
  • The Satcker option: where the folded T-shirt is placed neatly on a stacker which descends thanks to a photocell making it possible to form a stack.
  • The packing option: when the selected work cycle ends, the t-shirt is folded on the last blade, on which it can be easily packed in a bag. 
The electronic control device allows the following functions: 
  • Choice of 10 folding programs.
  • Customization of folding programs which can be saved in memory.
  • Self-diagnostics of anomalies and/or faults.
  • Count of t-shirts produced, indicating when the preset number of pieces is reached.
  • Hourly production programming, with acoustic signal for productions below minimum threshold setting.
  • Language selection (Italian, French, English, Spanish, German).
  • Programming protected by means of access code.
  • Reset function which restores default programs.